Hair Academy

      ALC is here
to inspire, innovate, and grow
  a community of hair designers,
   all around the world.


  • Embrace Natural Beauty

    ALC believes that moulding hair using technically creative cutting methods and drying the hair naturally is beneficial not only for the hair’s health, but also suits people’s individual, natural hair texture and style.

  • The abc of hairdressing, made simple.

    We’ve developed a unique grooming method designed to integrate organically with the cutting process.

  • Innovative Techniques for Your Craft

    We offer you in-depth hairstyle analyses to teach you how to create beautifully unique hair shapes and cuts. We’ll show you exactly how to accentuate each client’s distinct features and beauty.


  • Learn with the Best Technology

    We’ve harvested the capabilities of modern technology to help everyone access and learn the latest trends of the London’s Hair Industry from anywhere in the world.

  • AR

    A step by step visual breakdown with Augmented Reality, that will accompany the learner through the haircut like never before.

  • 3D

    Every haircut is accompanied by our unique interactive 3D Headsheet, that will breakdown the ALC sectioning method.

  • Iconography

    Our iconographic library has been designed to simplify the learning process.

Academic Offering

  • Structured Learning Program

    While our courses will provide you with priceless knowledge and skills, we also wanted to give you something tangible to show your newfound capabilities.

    • Theory assessments for each lesson
    • Practical tests with real feedback
    • Certificates & Diploma

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  • The world’s first Online Interactive Manual for hair designers.

    It covers the basic and advanced fundamental technique of the ALC method, the philosophy and psychology behind the process and an understanding for beauty proportions in an easy to read, visual illustrated format.

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Our Students Feedback

  • ALC exceeded any expectation! I’ve only finished the basic course and I already left with lots of tips that I can’t wait to bring back to the salon!

  • The music in each lesson is so clever, subconsciously helping you pause- Bravo!! A really wonderful experience. Huge Congrats Guys xxx

  • Super slick, colour styling throughout is beautiful. I love the girls voice. I loved the simple sophisticated illustrations (dryer)

  • I thought it was brilliant, I was very impressed and think you’ve managed to create a platform where online education is just as good as one‑to‑one education, I’m very impressed.

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